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Tensioning Devices

Tensioning devices can be used on belt drive systems and chain drive systems.The use of tensioning devices is recommended in drive belt systems where there is no allowance for adjusting the distance between the drive and driven machines. Types of tensioning devices are mechanical, which the user adjusts manually, spring loaded, which uses a spring system to facilitate the tensioning, and rubber suppression system, which uses rubber inserts to facilitate tensioning. On belt drive systems the tensioning device can be used for tensioning and to minimize “whipping” of the belt. On chain drive systems the tensioning device can be used to take up the chain slack and for tensioning. Tensioning devices are recommended on vertical chain drive systems. The use of a spring or rubber insert type tensioning device is recommended for belt and chain drive systems as they will automatically adjust to the stretch and elongation of either the belt or chain and will absorb any shock loads that occur in the system, eliminating the need for the maintenance team to adjust the tensioning device regularly. Tensioning devices come in various sizes and strengths and care should be taken to select the correct size and type for the required application.
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