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Cup square, non hex, yellow zinc plated, bag, GR 4.8, STD, 8 x 1.25 x 25 mm, 1157 p/bag, Fastbolt.
Brand: Fastbolt
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Cup square bolts are primarily used in construction. Being useful for connecting metal and wood, they are often used when securing corrugated sheets onto various structures such as houses, car ports, and patio roofs. The cup square bolt itself features a spiral shank for extra grip when it is screwed in. this makes for an effective combination with the seal, which is knocked into place to provide effective waterproofing. Yellow zinc plating chromate prevents the zinc from corroding and increases the overall protection of the finish. This finish provides a rainbow or iridescent appearance with dominant yellow tones.

Product properties
Brand Fastbolt
Category Cup Square
Outside Diameter (mm) 8.0
Length (mm) 25.0
Grade 4.8
Material Mild Steel
Series Metric
Thread Type Standard
Type Cup Square
Surface Finish Yellow Zinc Plated
Thread Pitch (mm) 1.25
Qty Per 25Kg Bag 1157