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Anchor, wedge, yellow zinc plated, GR 4.8, STD, 16 x 180 mm, Fastbolt.

Brand: Fastbolt
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Wedge anchors use an expansion clip to grip to the walls of embedment holes while the nut is tightened at the top. The collar expands and "wedges" itself against the material wall and shank of the bolt, successfully holding the fixture in place. Yellow zinc plating chromate prevents the zinc from corroding and increases the overall protection of the finish. This finish provides a rainbow or iridescent appearance with dominant yellow tones.

Product properties
Brand Fastbolt
Category Wedge
Outside Diameter (mm) 16.0
Length (mm) 180.0
Grade 4.8
Material Mild Steel
Series Metric
Thread Type Standard
Type Wedge
Surface Finish Yellow Zinc Plated
Thread Pitch (mm) 2.0